Upcoming Performance
I am currently writing and rehearsing for I Want A Dyke For President Part 2 ,  ​to be performed at Glasgow's 13th Note on Thurs 6th July at 8pm.

Toni Jerrett - Glasgow based actor
I love issue based theatre and film, and am always looking for projects which intrigue me and send a message.

Recent projects

I recently began performing my own writing, last performing spoken word poetry at Queer Theory: Taboo at Nice 'n' Sleazy's, and previously at I Want A Dyke For President​ at Glasgow's 13th Note; an evening of new writing in reaction to the US Election.

Recent theatre credits include:
The Vagina Monologues, a performance to raise funds for Rape Crisis Glasgow and raise awareness of women's issues on university campuses.

1,000,008 Plays About Britain, a performance of both Ella Hickson's Eight and Craig Taylor's One Million Tiny Plays About Britain. Performed at Glasgow's Websters Theatre, directed by Drew Taylor.

As Millie in Eight - Image by James Taylor-Wilson
Coming shortly...

I am currently putting together a showreel which will soon be available to view.

I'm also taking time to write some of my own pieces; some short plays, some full productions, some performance poetry in the mix too.
ore on them as they develop...
I Want A Dyke For President  photo by Brant Adam Photography